Sudesh soni wrote:
I am frequently recieving conflict errors like below in Zope logs.

Then I'd suggest having a good google and and read up on ConflictErrors.
You likely have a problem with your app's design that is causing a ConflictError hotspot...

We have ZEO implemented with 2 Zope servers accessing the storage and even then 
its not minimizing .

ZEO and multiple app servers, if anything, will increase the liklihood of conflict errors...

Could anyone suggest whats happening here that cause this error.

The short version is that two independent transactions are modifying the same object at the same time and so Zope doesn't know which modified version of the object it should store.

Is my Apache configuration also needs to be looked for to fix this OR its an 
inherent ZOPE bug

This has nothing to do with Apache.

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Please don't cross post. The zope-db list has nothing to do with this problem anyway.



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