In order to interact with the paypal shopping cart system, they want me to 
increment hidden fields, such as:

<input type="hidden" tal:attributes="value item/name; name python:'item_name_' 
+ `x`">
<input type="hidden" tal:attributes="value item/id; name python:'item_number_' 
+ `x`">

where "x" is a number from 1 on up, where "1" represents the first product in 
the shopping cart, "2" represents the second product, etc. So...we have to do 
it their way. Perhaps this is really bad ZPT, but we have to do it their way. 
Can ZPT handle this, or not?

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> Hi; 
> I´m trying to increment a variable in a page template. Here´s the 
> general idea in my code: 
> <div metal:define-macro="main" tal:define="x python:0"> 
Why do you need a counter in ZPT? This is absolutely one 
of the worst things you can go in ZPT. Describe your concrete use-case 
and we might think about a suitable and clean solution. But thinking 
about counters in ZPT is a waste of life-time. 

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