Thank you for the quick reply! I'm aware of the risk, but it seemed the easiest 
way to circumvent a limitation. I guess it would be even easier to find Python 
2.1.3 built with LFS enabled for Windows. :-)

The reason I'm reluctant to touch anything is that I use Zope for OpenFlow, and 
I depend on its requirements. Currently it's OpenFlow 0.7 IIRC, while the 
development stopped at 1.3 and the upgrade of that application is a pain I'm 
trying to avoid. Also, I'm looking for the easiest possible way out, because in 
a month or two the entire application will be replaced with another solution.

If there is no other way than take Zope through a few updates, then I'll give 
that a shot when I get some time to tinker with this.

Thanks again, keep the ideas coming!

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On Tue, Sep 11, 2007 at 07:36:18AM -0700, Tit-Liviu Leontin wrote:
> Folks,
> I desperately need support for large filesystem so the data.fs file can 
> exceed 2 GB.
> I can only make minimal changes to the existing set-up, which consists of 
> Zope 2.5.1 (binary release, with Python 2.1.3) on Windows Server 2003 and 
> >From what I've read, the issue is with the old Python not having LFS 
> >enabled, so I thought I'd just upgrade it to 2.2.3 which has LFS enabled.
> The question is, how do I do that? Windows installer for Python doesn't know 
> what to upgrade in the Zope install, so I'm thinking to copy the right files 
> from the extracted Python 2.2.3 in Zope folders.

That sounds like a really bad idea. From the Zope 2.5.1 release notes:

  * Zope requires Python 2.1 (Python 2.2 is currently *not* supported)

You should NOT assume that warning was put there for no reason :-)

Also, there's not a whole lot of expertise in this community on
building for Windows; we seem to be a linux/unix-heavy crowd. You'd better
stick to the binary releases and not mess with them, unless you can
find a bona-fide expert to help you.  Anyone? :-)

Meanwhile you might try migrating a *copy* of your Data.fs to Zope
first to Zope 2.6.4 (still uses Python 2.1.x) and then to Zope 2.7.7
(uses Python 2.3.x).

FWIW I recall 2.5 to 2.6 being a painless upgrade.  I think 2.7 was a
little more involved. The most likely problem to watch out for is
security-related issues: your code might accidentally rely on a
security weakness that was subsequently tightened, so you get
permission denied at unexpected times until your code and/or
configuration is fixed.  Install and turn on VerboseSecurity, it's a
big help with things like that.


Paul Winkler
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