Should work, I use XML-RPC pretty heavily with utf-8 without much problems.

This error might be occurring because you're mixing unicode and non-unicode 
strings on the same page.

Send the full traceback and we'll know more ...


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Subject: [Zope] utf-8 over xmlrpc with zope2.9

I am trying to send unicode encoded utf-8 or latin1 strings over xmlrpc to a 
method in zope.  The method in zope tries to decode the string and it seems 
detects ascii.  I then recieve an error that
"UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xf3 in position 4: 
ordinal not in range(128)"

I can re-create this error in a python shell by doing something like:
 >>> s = 'helló'
 >>> s2 = unicode(s,'ascii')
so after looking at code, I assume this is what is happening instead of  >>> s2 
= unicode(s,'iso-8859-1')

If  I  submit  to this method from  an html form, I have no error and the data 
is stored perfectly.

I have tried setting the encoding of xmlrpclib.Server to utf-8 and
latin1(iso-8859-1) and making a custom transport for xmlrpclib where I add 
charset='utf-8' or charset='iso-8859-1'.

Is is not possible to send unicode characters > 128 to zope?

The method is LDAPUserFolder.manage_edit_user()

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