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I'm beginning to think there's nothing out there for a newbie python programmer like myself. I'm a Network Admin that likes programming but doesn't have the time to get really proficient at it.


Out of all the ones I've researched I like Zope 2 the best. Not sure why. I want some thing easy. I like DTML. It's easy. I know why ZPT has it's advantages but for ease of use it doesn't come close to DTML. Most people like me wont be building complex web sites and I'd be the only working on it meaning I'll do the HTML layout and code the dynamic portions of it. So I don't' need to worry about an HTML editor getting confused with the dynamic languages mixed in blah blah blah.

Then your search is over.  Just use Zope 2.

I'm in almost exactly your position. I learned DTML because at the time the Zope tutorials all taught it first (they probably still do), and since I'm never going to be editing code except by hand, I don't worry about DTML tags getting messed up. Also, unless something has changed you need to use DTML somewhat for ZSQL methods. And anything that's tricky to do in DTML/ZPT should probably be in a Python script anyway.

Frankly, I've created half a dozen Zope sites over the last four years, two of them fairly active medium-sized sites ( and ), and Zope is basically just a fancy-pants container for my Python scripts. It works beautifully. I know I'm not using the "full power" of Zope, but as a container for Python scripts and with the power of acquisition - one of my absolute favorite aspects of Zope 2 - it makes development a snap.

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