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Martijn Faassen wrote:
the work of collecting interesting Zope 2 products, contacting the
authors (not strictly necessary but always a good thing to do) and
checking them in, possibly
cleaning things up here and there.
Well, I think is is fine for products where the original maintainer has
"gone away" and the original repository is no longer available, but I
think that having multiple forks on products with active repositories is
asking for trouble.

Of course, so we should avoid this by trying to contact the original
developer(s). I
guess I wasn't clear about 'not strictly necessary'; I'd consider it
less necessary if there
has been no development for years, but of even then sending off an
email makes sense. It might
not make sense to wait indefinitely for an answer, however.

I would have thought the key thing would be to build something like the
cheeseshop but for zope products. But that's really one of the key
things that zope.org should be, no?

Maybe http://products.zope.org would be a simpler thing to build and get

I think a Plone site should be able to run something like this, as
plone.org does, right? Anyway,
I don't think the technology is the most work here. We need someone to
go through and create
the content. Even a simple web-page listing interesting products and
where to find them would already
be tremendous progress.  Content will be our challenge, let's not
worry about technology too much, which
should be in good hands.

Yes, but we need a way to tell people "this is a well mantained product" or "this is just a product, we don't know if it will be updated" and some different situations in the middle.

Maybe a tagging system on the products should be enough.




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