Does this problem only occure with message/ID ? Or also with message/Message or message/SenderId ?

Which version of zope are you using?

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Hi all,

I have a rather strange Problem.

I have a PersistentList containing PersistentMapping objects.

[{'Status': 'Read', 'Confirm': False, 'Read': DateTime('2008/01/24
16:03:32.508 GMT+1'), 'Expires': None, 'SenderID': 'DC83D1F1DB88CDE8', 'Date':
DateTime('2008/01/24 15:51:50.998 GMT+1'), 'Message': 'Da ist ein permission
test', 'ID': '[EMAIL PROTECTED]'}]

When do a tal:repeat="message here/getMessages" and a tal:replace="message"
everything functions as expected. When i try tal:replace="message/ID" I get an
 Unauthorized Exception "You are not allowed to access 'a particular str' in
this context"

I can access all DateTime objects. Only the strings a not allowed.

There is no difference when getMessages return of the Original list and when I
 build a new list with copies of the PersistentMapping objects.

To get this working I have to create new Dictionary from the Persistent
Mappings add them to an normal List and return this list.

ret = []

for test in self.msglist :
    temptest = {}
    for (key,value) in test.items() :
        temptest[key] = value
return ret

That's a real performance killer as the list is read quite frequently.

Any Idea how to fix this.


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