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Paul Brettschneider wrote:
> Hi,
> --- Tres Seaver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> a écrit :
>> Paul Brettschneider wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> my Zope 2.9.8 instance crashes up to 6 times per
>> hour.
>>> This is very unfortunate since the constant
>> restarting
>>> brings performance to its knees.
>>> It runs under Linux in 64 bit mode on an AMD64 .
>>> I managed to catch two backtraces with gdb
>>> (see end of the mail). Both backtraces show a
>> crash
>>> in cc_oid_unreferenced(ccobject *self, PyObject
>> *oid)
>>> in persistent/cPickleCache.c:
>>> Either in line 576: v = PyDict_GetItem(self->data,
>>> oid);
>>> or in line 607: Py_DECREF((ccobject
>>> *)((cPersistentObject *)v)->cache);
>>> v and v->cache seem to point to heap:
>>> (gdb) print v
>>> $1 = (PyObject *) 0x5f8920
>>> (gdb) print ((cPersistentObject *)v)->cache
>>> $2 = (PerCache *) 0x613620
>>> Always called from Per_dealloc(cPersistentObject
>>> *self) in persistent/cPersistence.c
>>> in line 578:
>>> cPersistenceCAPI->percachedel(self->cache,
>> self->oid);
>>> Is this a known issue?
>>> Thank you for any help,
>> Can you reproduce using the following from-scratch
>> build?
> No, the crash only happens with this zope instance and
> only under heavy load. I will try to remove all custom
> products before filing a bug report.

Hmm, I was hopeful that there might have been a build glitch (some 32-
vs. 64 bit thing).  Isolating such a problem will be easier if we can
reproduce the error on a system whose Zope you built yourself from source.

I wouldn't rip out third-party products, esepecially those which have no
C extensions:  they can hardly be provoking the segfault.  Hmm, I wonder
if you might be using a third-party library which *does* (e.g., an RDBMS
or LDAP client library, PIL, etc.).  Verifying the mechanism used to
build them would be important, too.

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