I share your excitement about zope 3 but let me speak about zope 2
. I am also fairly new to zope and came from a java/python background.
I have built Rail's tutorial applications but came back to zope 2.
Here is my reasons.

1. Through the web editing.  Brilliant. Yes it is problematic but it
is a game changer. Can zope compete on java or php or asp's territory?
No. But nobody else has TTW development and many are now adding
something like it (google gears, facebook api,  smalltalk's seaside).
I just wish more books would discuss how easy it is to take a 'Script
Python' and bring it 'inside' to a python product.

2. object database. Perfect for web services with changing schemas.

3. DTML. I know the old timers were smoking way too much dtml in the
days before CSS, but I love DTML! It is fast to develop with, it works
well with javascript and css (try dynamic css and javascript ) and it
has excellent execution speed. It is the IDEs that should change, not
dtml. :)

4.  REST supporting architecture.

5. a ZMI which allows zope to be an easy to administer database. Easy
enough for distribution to powerusers.

6. A well developed catalog/search.

7. A well developed security framework.

And finally, there is one other thing I really like about Zope 2.

8. A fairly well defined future. (zope 3). I think the developers of
zope 2 were 5-10 years ahead of the curve. If the zope team can
continue to appreciate what made zope special while they incorporate
the new ideas I think zope will stay ahead of the curve.

A toast to all of the zope (2 and 3) developers!

Thank you.

> I can't speak for Zope 2 though :)
> What do you think? Would you mind sharing your experiences and ideas
> regarding this subject?
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