Maurits van Rees wrote:
harshad behere, on 2008-04-10:

Thanks for the reply and suggestions.

I tried i18n:translate="", it works fine.

But if I change domain (e.g i18n:domain="mydomain") it doesn't work. Is domain attribute is related to the domain specified in .po file, coz the example .po file which comes with PlacelessTranslationService has domain as 'PlacelessTranslationService' and if I used same it works fine.

Yes, the two should be the same.  But if you use this domain and other
people use it too because it is the standard example then you can get
conflicting translations.

Yes completely agreed.

I tried changing domain in given example .po file (e.g. to "Domain=mydomain\n"), but it doesn't work even after doing "Reload catalog" for corresponding .po file object using PTS ZMI. I found reload catalog works if we modify message ids/text. Any idea how PTS manages this headers (like Domain/Content-Type etc) ? Is it possible to reload/refresh/rebuild this information ?

Thank you,

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