I am trying to separate out small bits of HTML that are used on many pages of a site.

In one case I use a secondary navigation on some pages in the right column that is supposed to look in the containing folder's sub-folders and list the Page Templates that is finds there.

I create a folder called /templates/widgets and within there I have a Page Template called template-lister.

<h2><strong>Quick Links</strong></h2>
<ul tal:define="ztu modules/ZTUtils;
raw python:context.objectValues('Folder');
location_folder_list python:ztu.LazyFilter(raw, skip='View')">

    <li tal:repeat="location_folder location_folder_list">
    <a href="" tal:attributes="href location_folder/absolute_url"
       tal:content="location_folder/title">Location Title</a>

<span tal:define="raw python:location_folder.objectValues('Folder'); office_folder_list python:ztu.LazyFilter(raw, skip='View')">
        <span tal:repeat="office_folder office_folder_list">
             <span tal:content="office_folder/title" >title</span>

<ul tal:define="raw python:office_folder.objectValues('Page Template'); posting_list python:ztu.LazyFilter(raw, skip='View')">
               <li tal:repeat="posting posting_list"
                   <a href="" tal:attributes="href posting/absolute_url"
                         tal:content="posting/title">Posting Title</a>
               <li    tal:condition="not: posting_list">
                  No Postings at this time

If I put this code directly in each Page Template that uses it, it works fine, but when removed from each Page Template and called like so:

<span tal:content="structure context/templates/widgets/template-lister" tal:omit-tag="" />

it uses the context of the "/templates/widgets" folder and does not work.

Because this bit of TAL is used on many pages and the style of it changes often, I really want to pull it out into one place for easy updating.

I know I am missing something elemental here ...

Thanks for any advice.
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