Peter Bengtsson wrote at 2008-7-3 15:41 +0100:
>from cStringIO import StringIO
>def workflowscripts2methods(self):
>    out = StringIO()
>    print >>out, "Star converting workflow scripts into External Methods"
>    pw = self.portal_workflow
>    for workflow in pw.objectValues('Workflow'):
>        for container in workflow.objectValues('Workflow Scripts'):
>            meta_type = 'Script (Python)'
>            for script in container.objectValues(meta_type):
>                assert script.meta_type == meta_type
>                print >>out, "script (%r, %s)" % (script.meta_type,
>    value = out.getvalue()
>    print value
>    return value
>I'm getting an AssertionError on this!!!

For efficiency reasons, a "Folder" maintains the meta types
used for filtering "object*" in a separate structure (this is
the "_objects" attribute for normal folders).

Your "AssertionError" indicates that this structure is inconsistent
with the true objects.

As long as a folder is only modified by the official "Folder"
api ("_setObject", "_delObject" and higher level functions),
consistency is garanteed. However, lower level functions
can destroy the consistency.

It is not a problem with "objectValues". The problem
must be elsewhere.

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