On 04/07/2008 Andrew Milton wrote:
> | How to deal with that '*wanted* behaviour' if I do have several public
> | projects on the same zope instance but don't want all of them being
> | accessible through the domain of every other project? For example two
> | competing projects/organisations might be hosted on one and the same
> | zope instance, and for sure project 'red' would hate it to make project
> | 'green' available through their domain via http://www.red.org/green.
> Set up "Green" role on green
> Set up "Red" role on red
> Uncheck 'Acquire' from the permissions.
> Remove Red permissions on green
> Remove Green permissions on red
> Make sure each user in the relevant project folder has the right role
> too.
> Then red.org/green would go
> /projects/red/green/
> Assuming your username/password pair doesn't exist in both acl_users the
> red will authenticate you and give you the 'red' role which won't allow
> you to view the green folder.

But what if both project red and green want to make their website
available to anonymous, not only to authenticated users? If you have
private projects which do require user login, your solution may be
sound, but for public projects, it definitelly is no solution.

Or would you suggest to submit username/password for a default user
within the apache rewriterule? (if that's possible at all)

Would it work to add a VirtualHostMonster for every single project and
use that one instead of a global one in the rootdirectory of the
instance? I know that the docs for VirtualHostMonster say that you only
need one, but does it have any disadvantages to use more (for each
project an own) if it is a solution to my problem at all?

thanks for your fast reply again :-)

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