Garito wrote:
Please consider this TALES expression:

<div class="DataPrevista" tal:content='here/getDataInici | string: nosta' />

If I try this other: <div tal:content='string:${here/getDataInici}' /> the result is <div>None</div>

Then the first one will render the alternate expression isn't it?

Then with it renders <div class="DataPrevista" /> ?

Сто? ;-)

You should check the tales documentation. the pipe symbol |
means a logical "or", in effect if the left expression resolves
to "non existent", None, empty object,... (generally python False)
the right part of it is evaluated.

In the special case it probably is nicer to use:

<div class="DataPrevista" tal:content="here/getDataInici | default">nosta</div> instead so the fallback value is part
of the template (TAL is meant to be design by example)

I would also recommend not mixing " and ' for attributes and
maybe in the long run sticking to english language names for
your objects makes it easier to ask on mailinglists.


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