Hi Andreas & all,

I know, I does not use Zope and DB first day, but, are somewhere list of 
pros/cons for that databases and zope/python DA?

For example, my cons for ODBC at Win32 (NT, 2k, XP) - it is not ideal in 
case of huge simultaneous access, it sometimes does not make write query 
(generally, not only from Zope, but from any app). We have 2 apps - one for 
production on Zope going thru sybase to MSSQL, we run multiple access many 
years without any problems, second on ASP with nice ;) interface for 
managers. When I was run my Zope at win32 over ODBC, here was problems in 
production with missing data at DB, so I was switch to Linux. Now we have 
same problems with ASP part - I need to repair inconsistency coming from 
manager interface up to few times per month. My zope servers on linux runs 
as blackbox - they are serving without problems, no intervetion needed if no 
HW problems. So I think, that you know my reasons to non-odbc DB access. All 
my words to our windoze IT staff in case of any production problems are 
obligatory - "Golden zope!".

But now I want to make some kind of portable, near OS independent (win/lin) 
compact zope solution. So I look for RDB with like "blackbox" functionality, 
with nothing special to make backups of running system (like make backup of 
Data.fs) and nothing to install when move - make backup copy of live system 
and then run it on another machine. Installations are allowed only in case 
of change OS platform.

Many thanks, J. Lukesh

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> Hi all,
> Does somebody know some free database and free database adapter for Zope,
> which exists for Linux and for windows too, please? Do you know some
> pros/cons and some wiev from praxis for that?

Zope supports all standard databases like Postgres, MySQL, Oracle and M$
SQL server. On Windows it might be necessary to use the commercial mxODBC
product (cheap enough).


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