Garito wrote at 2008-10-12 17:00 +0200:
> ...
>This is internet, we don't need any kind of intermediary to achieve our


Yo *do* need intermediaries -- lots of them: browser, network, routers, DNS,
You may not need KSS -- but it may help you for some tasks.
If it does not help you, no need to use it.

>You could choose more than one technique to do the job, not only KSS

One of the major KSS use cases has been minimal differences between
support for JS and for non-JS situations.
Non-KSS solutions tend to have some problems with this use case
(at least my colleages spend months to support this -- with non-KSS).

> ....
>This is the real case: the computer needs to do 2 passes to achieve the real
>result. Without KSS you create the non AJAX page and if the client has
>javascript make the transformation. With KSS there are another pass to do
>the same
>Not to much minimalism, isn't it?

Looks like your understanding of KSS differs considerably from mine:

  In my understanding of KSS: almost nothing is different from
  the non AJAX case for the initial request: the page is fetched and rendered.

  For KSS, in addition, the KSS library is fetched (if not already loaded)
  and the KS style sheet activated (some JS handler defined).

  The differences only come when the user interacts with the page.
  With KSS, the user actions are intercepted by the KSS JS handlers
  and interpreted. They may result in server requests which return
  a series of KSS commands which are executed.
  In the non AJAX case, the complete page is reloaded -- with
  often is more work for both server and browser.

Thus, indeed, the non Ajax modul is simpler than the KSS model -- but
not necessarily less expensive.

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