On Saturday 08 November 2008 06:21, Andreas Jung wrote:
> Any particular reason for using DTML instead of ZPT? DTML is dead.
Firstly let me say that I do not wish to relight the ZPT vs DTML argument, 
only to make a few points.

I find this an extraordinary attitude coming from someone so important to this 
community. I am sure there are many developments out there relying on DTML 
and I am also sure that the developers are earning a living from those 
developments. Will employers be happy that the technology used for their 
sites is "dead" ? Will they continue to pay these developers?

Can you give one reason why DTML is bad that is not based on personal 
preference, presentation tools or the cognitive ability of developers to 
understand where variables are coming from? Does it not work if used 

If someone comes to Zope and prefers to use DTML then let him, don't criticise 
instead of help him. Zope is a fantastic piece of software, however it is 
used, and its use should be encouraged.

I prefer DTML and always have done and always will, no matter what this list 
says and I am sure there are many more like me. DTML is available and is 
used, let's support it properly on this list.

While I was learning Zope I had many questions, but I had to work most of them 
out myself, not wanting to get lambasted again on this list for using DTML. 
If help was more forthcoming I'm sure that I would have learned more quickly 
rather than in relative isolation.

Is the ZMI going to be re-written using ZPT?

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