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Dieter Maurer wrote:
> Dylan Jay wrote at 2008-12-1 10:22 +1100:
>> ...
>>> You are right. Almost surely, you see a "Five" bug: "Five", too, should
>>> respect "enable-product-installation".
>>> You can see the right transaction handling in
>>> "OFS.Application.install_product' -- somewhere near the buttom of this
>>> function.
>>> Maybe, you correct "Five" accordingly.
>> I applied this guys patch which seems to have fixed the problem
>> http://archives.free.net.ph/message/20080516.100305.16f90017.en.html
>> He's asking if that is the right way to patch it. Is it? 
> It looks not bad.
>> And if so what is the right way to get it into the Five 1.4 branch? 
> Write a bug report, attach the patch and for a quicker response
> inform a "Five" maintainer about the "bug+solution".
> I am not sure however, that this will be sufficient: "Zope 2.9"
> is no longer an actively maintained version; maybe the maintainers
> think there are more important tasks that to fix problems with
> older versions.

It is true that we are unlikely to make another 2.9.x release, absent a
 serious security bug.  However, in Zope 2.9, the Five product was
maintained as an SVN external:  the branch currently points to:

I could certainly see shipping a 1.3.12 version of the product (or a
1.4.5), which people could then install in their $INSTANCE_HOME,
overriding the one in $SOFTWARE_HOME.  In fact, the changelog on the 1.4
branch seems to indicate that there is fix for the same problem already
checked in.

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