[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote at 2008-12-8 11:43 +0100:
> ...
>Few months ago, I send my problem with attach file with Zope 2.6 and higher.
>How I have no solution, I send again my problem which is described after 
>Thanks to help me
>I have created a zclass with zfile as basic class.
>With this class, users could, via a web form, send an attached file if
>they want.
>With zope 2.5 (my previous version) if users don't attach a file, there
>is no problem
>with zope 2.10, if there is no file attached, I have an error message :
>'file not specified". It seems that  attach  file is mandatory.
>Here, the complete message from the events log :
>Traceback (innermost last):
> ...
>   Module ZClasses.ZClass, line 454, in createInObjectManager
>   Module ZClasses.ZClass, line 485, in fromRequest
>   Module ZPublisher.mapply, line 89, in mapply
>   Module OFS.Image, line 120, in __init__
>   Module OFS.Image, line 501, in _read_data
>ValueError: File not specified

I cannot tell you what changed since Zope 2.5 (this is far too long ago).

I can tell you why you get the exception above in modern Zope versions:

  A modern Zope version insists that if the "file" parameter
  to "OFS.Image.File.__init__" is a "FileUpload" object, then
  it must have a non empty filename.

You may be able to use this in your "Quest_susvp_add" method as follows:

  You check whether the uploaded file is "False" (this means "empty
  filename") and in this case replace it in "REQUEST.form" with
  an empty string.

Not sure that it will work, though.

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