Hi All:

I have a customized page template product which subclasses from
ZopePageTemplate. In this product class, I have a method that redirects to a
certain fixed page that I have created in the ZMI. One of the objects of
this type makes calls to this method and also has some conditional redirects
(based on certain request variables). Here is a representation

In my Product class, I have a method which conditionally redirects ...

def check_and_redirect(self):
    request = self.REQUEST
    if request.get('redirect_to_fixed_page', False):

def getValue(self):
    # do some more stuff
    return 'some value'

My ZPT looks like this ...
<tal:call tal:define="data python:mytemplate.getValue()"/>
<tal:redir tal:condition="python:here.REQUEST.has_key('var')">
<tal:dummy tal:define="test python:here.REQUEST.RESPONSE.redirect('

What is happeninig is that the redirect in the PT is taking precedence over
my redirect (which Im doing in the method). My question is: Can I make sure
that my redirect takes precedence without modifying the PT itself. Is there
any other ZopePageTemplate method which I can patch so that my own redirect
kicks in first??

Thanks for you time and help.

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