> I'm trying to find out how to generate a CSR, and I can't find the
> information I need.  
If you are trying to generate a CSR, you probably need to use OpenSSL, 
not Zope. If your *Zope application* needs to generate a CSR for some 
reason, you need to interface OpenSSL from Zope somehow - either using 
command line interface (works great if you do it carefully) or using 
M2Crypto or another wrapper (more hassle than benefit, if you are not 
doing something really complex). Well, there is PyCrypto that I haven't 
looked into, maybe the bright future is here already :-).
> All my research covers Zope and Apache or Zope and
> Linux, etc., but our server is running ONLY Zope.  Version 2.6.2, to be
> exact.  Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about setting up a secure
> server anyway.  Any help you can offer would be much appreciated!
With this ancient version of Zope you actually may have some luck 
setting up a secure server without Apache or another reverse, using 
hacks provided in the earlier versions of M2Crypto. Be careful: it leaks 
memory when not in a good mood. But really, consider putting Apache in 
the front.

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