Gareth Allen wrote at 2009-3-23 12:27 +0200:
>I'm experiencing a strange problem. I've enabled FTP access to my Zope 
>instance, but when I try and login it throws an exception:
>2009-03-23T11:14:42 INFO ZServer Successful login.
>2009-03-23T11:15:07 ERROR ZServer uncaptured python exception, closing 
>channel <ZServer.FTPServer.zope_ftp_channel connected 196.*.*.*:48336 at 
>0x2a9c0ecd40> (exceptions.AttributeError:'NoneType' object has no 
>attribute '_fileno' 

Looks like the FTP server implementation is broken.


The problem is probably in "...ZServer/medusa/|close".
I expect that the order of things is not right or that something redundant
is done.

A ZServer puts a channel object into 'asyncore's service map.
Each element in this map must have a 'fileno' method that tells
'asyncore' which file number is associated.

The exception above happens during closing the channel.
"ftp_server.close" probably calls the channel's 'close' which
calls 'del_channel' which accesses an object that meanwhile in "None"
while it is still expected to be an object with a '_fileno' attribute.

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