Once upon a time there was a man walking down the street. He came upon two
neighbors in their driveways. One guy was washing his Z-Honda and the other
guy was working on his Z-MG-midget. The pedestrian said "Hey, I'm thinking
of getting a car to carry groceries home from the market" The Z-Honda guy
said, "Why don't you get one of these Z-Honda's they do the job and they are
easy to own"

The Z-MG guy was a mechanic and he liked working on his Z-MG. he said "That
Honda guy is insane, you should get a Z-MG. It is much better than a big

The Z-Honda guy said " I used to like working on Z-MGs but now I just drive
a Z-Honda. I rarely need to take it to the mechanic"

Then another neighbor came out the door. He was also a mechanic. In fact he
worked at the z-car factory. "Hey" he said, "don't listen to that Honda guy,
he doesn't know anything"

Now all along, the Honda guy was wondering what the heck was going on down
out the z-car factory. You see the z-car factory has been producing many new
models of z-cars but they haven't included many interesting new features. In
fact the factory has been taking features out of the z-cars. The factory
claims that we all have to make adjustments so that we can have z cars made
out of some fantastic new material called 'z-components'. The factory has
been promising wonderful things will be coming from this new way of making z
cars. The cars will be more like this fantastic new z-car called a 'z3'
series. But the Honda guy hasn't seen any of these z3 cars around town. It
seems nobody is buying them and they have been manufactured for many, many
years. Furthermore, the Honda guy took a z3-car for a test drive one time
and it looked like a research project. Everything required special
configuration and the interface looked weird. What is worse they took out
dtml which was one of the Honda guys favorite features. Zclasses and TTW
editing were also gone. The Honda guy saw a lot of stuff missing from the z3
but he still wanted to believe the factory was right about z-components. He
still appreciated the factories efforts, but many years went by and nobody
outside of the factory became excited about the z3 line.  "So why are they
taking us in a direction that nobody seems to want to go" the Honda guy
thought. "and with every new release, things are shuffled around. The only
people who can tell what will work are the mechanics who work on z-cars

Just then another neighbor , also a mechanic, came out the door and shouted
" The honda guy is lazy. Don't listen to him"

Eventually along came sheriff D in his patrol car. Now everybody knew that
sheriff D was the brightest guy in town and if the z-car factory every does
perfect their z-component manufacturing, the sheriff will be able to turn
z-cars into whatever he wants to. "What is going on here" the sheriff said,
"these guys are good mechanics. Their cars are wonderful. Why I once took
one of these guys old cars and I converted it into a jet." Nobody doubted
it. The sheriff had the skills.  "There is no problem with these z-cars" he

The Honda guy just sighed. "Well" he waved his hand at his mechanic
neighbors. "I'm not crazy about the way these guys express their opinions
but they have valid points of view. Me, I like my Honda, and if you go down
to the market you will see a lot more Z-Hondas than Z-MGs"

And with that he turned and went in his house.

On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 11:30 AM, Dieter Maurer <die...@handshake.de> wrote:

> Andreas Jung wrote at 2009-3-28 14:13 -0500:
> > ...
> >Installing Plone in such a case is only the solution if one has no better
> >idea about doing things. The Filesystem Directory View functionality
> >is available out-of-the-box through CMF (which is much smaller than
> Plone).
> >There was also something like SkinnedFolder (I think) implementing
> >are similar functionality.
> "SkinnedFolder" (at least if you mean
> "http://www.handshake.de/~dieter/pyprojects/zope/index.html#bct_sec_4.7";)
> makes "CMFCore"'s "SkinsTool" available (without the need to use
> "CMFDefault" or portal objects).
> "FileSystemSite"
> (http://www.zope.org/Members/k_vertigo/Products/FileSystemSite)
> is the standalone "DirectoryView" functionality.
> --
> Dieter
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