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> ga...@schoolteachers.co.uk wrote:
>> Does anybody have a recent-ish copy of Znolk wizard product or know where I
>> could get hold of a copy. The original source no longer has it and 
>> the one on
>> the zope.org site is very old. In particular I would like it to 
>> function with
>> SQLite.
> Doesn't think generate SQL methods or something similarly old and crufty?

Yes it is old, but it is the only reliable thing I've found to rapidly 
database edit forms and csv up/download methods.

> I seem to remember this thing spitting out dtml...

It generates dtml and ZSQLmethods reliably.

> Any reason you couldn't do what you want it to do as a seperate wsgi app?

Yes, it is not used to generate finished apps, only prototypes and initial
Like my Ducati it's old, but like my Ducati it still works, and I'm not 
going to
throw the Ducati away just because it's old.


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