Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the implications of basing Zope2.12 on ZTK
eggs. I was under the impression it would allow sites to be developed in a
similar way  to how its done in Zope3, ie placing your site in
instance/lib/python/<site> and wiring it all together using the site.zcml
now present in the Zope2.12 instance/etc dir. It seems like it should be
possible, but maybe not.

On Thu, Dec 24, 2009 at 11:20 PM, Andreas Jung <> wrote:

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> Jim Pharis wrote:
> > I'm trying to wrap my head around what the changes in Zope2.12 can
> > mean for how I develop in Zope2 now. I've developed things in
> > Zope3 and am getting stuck attempting the same methods in Zope2.12.
> > So I see now that etc/ now has a site.zcml. But what is missing is
> > the package-includes directory that provides the wiring to zcml
> > directives in the varies packages. Why are those configurations
> > missing from Zope2.12.2 etc/?
> Sorry, I can not follow - but Zope 2 and Zope 3 are not compatible in
> any way.
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