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Le vendredi 29 janvier 2010,
  Vladislav Vorobiev <> a écrit :

Thierry thank you  for answer but it doesn't help.

I implement all what you sad. I tried with normal “list” and than 
swiched to “PersistentList”

code looks like that:

from persistent.list import PersistentList
import transaction


myList=PersistentList([self.context.pfad, 'object])           
myList[0] = PersistentList([self.context.pfad, 'object])[0]  #hope I 
anderstud you right

ob.refList= myList 
ob._p_changed = True
ob.refList._p_changed = True 
self.context._setObject(id, ob)

After add I call again:

ob._p_changed = True
ob.refList._p_changed = True 

I see the commitet trunsactions in ZMI

The same problem. After restart ist the Attribut not in context.

For example return's

Before restart: ***1

After restart only the id of the object:

Here is a place for an other question:

Normaly  self.absolute_url() returns url with hostname,  
but already befor restart I get without http://localhost/... see ***1

It seem's that I forgot something.  I would be glad to if somebody 
explain me this problem.

In fact I'm not really sure to understand your data structure and it's
Could you explain me what you want to do ??

I want to set some references from object to another object through. I try to explain this with example classes.

Example with two classes:

#Create classes
>>>class School:
>>>   pass

>>>class People:
>>>   pass

#Create objects

>>>"Konrad School"

>>>"Leopold School"

Now I set the referece


Now I can access through the attribut to s0 and s1 objects:
“Konrad School“

This construction works persistent without problems.

The idea is to put the references in a list.


to access them

“Konrad School“

>>>"Leo School"
“Leo School“

<type 'classobj'>

It works in zope without restart. If the server was restartet I get some unwanted results. See my previews posts.
The same effects I get with PersistentLists...

I hope it is more  understandable.

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