Thanks for the useful responses
Is there some other Product that people use to bring external files into the 
zope environment? 


Andrew Watkins
Systems Development Team Manager
National Institute Water & Atmospheric Research (NIWA).

>>> On 12 Mar 10 at 04:05 AM, in message <hnb0r9$>, Tres 
>>> Seaver <> wrote:

You will eed to patch ExternalFile to use Zope3-style interfaces.  E.g.,
instead of:

  from Interface import Interface

patch it to be:

  from zope.interface import Interface

Their may be other changes required, as well, depending on how the
product uses the interfaces.  (Later:  I've done the patch, at least to
the extent of getting the appserver to start:  see attachment).

> 2. ZMySQLDA This fails with the message 'ImportError: No module named
> _mysql' again this works ok on zope 2.11.4

You need to install the MySQL-python package into your virtuaenv:

  $ bin/easy_install MySQL-python

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