Looking at the code now -- do you remember where the code to generate
the strings is situated?

On Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 12:53 PM, Andreas Jung <li...@zopyx.com> wrote:
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> Brian Sullivan wrote:
>> I am looking for a strategy or samples (or even just a hint as to the
>> best process) to create an email opt-in strategy in Zope. I am
>> thinking that what you do is use some sort of hash or unique id
>> creation mechanism (based on the email address, time or something
>> else).
>> Based on what I am seeing -- some sort of MD5(not totally sure what
>> that means but I understand there are Python supplied functions to
>> generate it) hash of a combination of the email address and date/time
>> stored and then sent to the user should guarantee that it is unique,
>> can't be auto generated by some bot and should allow verification on
>> http access using the hash in the url?
>> All the potential solutions I am seeing use Python 2.5 + -- the
>> version of Zope I am using is based on Python 2.4.4.
>> Anybody have any ideas or have implemented something like this?
> As an example look at the Products.EasyNewsletter code.
> In a recent project we implemented as similar functionality where we
> generated 32 char longs strings (based on random numbers) and stored
> the token in an external DB (MongoDB). Sending out a confirmation email
> and implementing a view for validating the token through an URL
> is straight forward.
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