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> Am Montag, 5. Dezember 2011, 14:23:57 schrieben Sie:
> > How would you put 500+ objects (for the tools) each with hundreds or
> > thousands of attributes in in ZODB?
> This depends from the object structure and transforms to do with it,
> but - as
> i wrote - it could make sense to use different database solutions in
> parallel
> for the same application and/or different parts of the same data
> objects.
I was asking about tools and technology, not about object design. Would
you develop a Zope Product (or set of Products) or is there a different

The Zope book tells us nothing about creating custom objects in ZODB.

Assuming a simple case of a web form to input a set of fixed attributes
to define a tool object in ZODB, what is the simplest approach to
create/update an object in ZODB?

> Putting 500+ data objects with very different and changing structures
> into a RDBMS could be a much larger mess...
I agree, that's why I mentioned in my first post that this is not a
typical Books and Authors data model.

In a case like this, without more requirements information, I would say
a table to define tools only with common attributes, another table to
define relationships between tools, another table to list all possible
attribute names and another one to define the specific attribute values
for the tools. But this discussion is off-topic and even irrelevant with
so little specification.


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