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On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 7:12 AM, Jürgen Herrmann
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hi all!

is it possible to change permissions and roles on classes/methods
at runtime? normally you'd attach security declarations inline in
your class definition code:

I don't off-hand know why just monkey-patching the security attribute of your class and then calling InitializeClass() again would not work,
but the idea of changing these at runtime after initial zope startup
sounds a bit odd, possibly dangerous.  What is it that you are trying
to do?

When I needed this to be dynamic I simply did not have any security
declaration and instead tested the permissions the first thing I did
in the method. That worked fine. It is however probably ten years ago,
and I don't remember or have the code. But it was quite simple, I


Since a long time i have a mechanism in place that scans class-specific
directories for page templates, dtml files, images, sql-methods etc.
and attaches these to the classes. up to now i did mark everything as
protected, with a fixed permission, worked fine for my purposes.

now i had a use case where i need to mark some templates and methods
as public because they use an internal authentication.

best regards, jürgen
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