That's a good question:

I'm not a Zope developer but I've been hosting several Plone sites
(including my own) for about 5 years now; and I am *extremely* happy
with the stability and security Zope+Plone offers.

Despite a couple of attempts by me, I never could start developing with
Zope. For me, as I have a solid Java background, the complexity was, as
you can clearly see why, not a problem :-)

The main stopper for me was that there were hardly any documents out
there! They were mostly either old or incomplete or didn't exist at all.

PS: Please correct if things have changed...the last time I tried Zope
development was more than 2 years ago.

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On 03/04/2015 02:00 PM, Sebastian Tänzer wrote:
> Hello ZOPE community,
> we're still developing websites using Zope2 + ZMS3 ( 
> for years now and never ran into any real problems (compared to, let's say, 
> Wordpress, typo3, Drupal etc. which had serious security problems over the 
> years) and our clients are quite happy with ZMS. 
> A few days ago on a barcamp the discussion lead to Zope and the usual 
> comments, i.e. "Zope is dead", "I would not use that", "Too complicated", 
> "Too old", "Outdated",.... and so on.
> My personal opinion is, that Zope2 is still rock-solid and gets the job done. 
> I've never heard of any serious issues compared to the big competitors from 
> the PHP or Java world. I looked into Pyramid and Django for different 
> projects and always came back to Zope2 itself.
> I did not ask that question for quite some time now as there was no reason. 
> Sure, sometimes we get comments like "never heard of it" etc., but nothing 
> serious. Still, are there any specific reasons (beside personal favors) not 
> to use Zope2 anymore? Any reason not to use Zope2 + ZODB for new projects? 
> Are other frameworks like flask, Django, pyramid etc. that much better 
> compared to Zope?
> Best
> Sebastian
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