Hi Michael

Without knowing anything about your setup let me chuck a few stones
into the bushes ..

> I'm seeing behavior using relstorage and blobs that I didn't expect:
>    If I upload a large file, say 2 gigs, I am noticing that our SQL database
> also grows by 2 Gigs, along with the blob storage.

If relstorage is growing for blob uploads, I would think something is
wrongly configured.

> Can this behavior be turned off for a specific field or content type?  So
> undo logs are preserved for everything BUT this monster of a content type?
> Seems strange to do this tho.

Yes, that seems like a plaster on top of a broken bone.

> Going deeper down the rabbit hole, although I don't think it's relevant, is
> the fact that I hacked and replaced the storage class for the field.
> Instead of using AnnotationStorage

This sounds dangerous to me ..

> The goal is to allow users to think they are uploading 4Gb videos into
> Plone, when under the covers, we're actually shipping the video files off to
> some fancy off-site storage. (Akamai)

Configure caching such that client/CDN/varnish/nginx keeps all the big
files that they should.
Use collective.xsendfile to make file requests go directly to the
front-end server (but note "Blob handling in ZODB is very effective
already (async sockets, just like Apache or nginx would do ). [...]
This add-on only removes the need to proxy the file data over socket

for a lot of good tips.

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