2016-06-29 20:46 GMT-05:00 Alberto Berti <aza...@metapensiero.it>:

> >>>>> "Miguel" == Miguel Beltran R <yourpa...@gmail.com> writes:
>     Miguel> After search a while, someone can confirm if I undestand it
> well? the
>     Miguel> problem is because it is trying to decode to "ascii" instead
> of "iso-8859-1"
>     Miguel> if it's true, why is doing it? I set to use iso-8859-1 in my
> conf file
>     Miguel> 2016-06-28 16:56 GMT-05:00 Miguel Beltran R. <
> yourpa...@gmail.com>:
>     >> Using the ZMI if I check the "Z SQL Method" the data is displayed
>     >> correctly, but using a "page template" it gives me this error
>     >>
>     >>
>     >> *Expression: <StringExpr u' ${repeat/items/number}.
> ${items/nombre}'>*
>     >>
>     >> - Module zope.tales.expressions, line 263, in
> __call__UnicodeDecodeError:
>     >> 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xf3 in position 10: ordinal not in
>     >> range(128)
>     >>
> this is due probably because the template engine tries to convert a
> string into an unicode, but it doesn't know the charset of your data, so
> it's trying to use the default encoding as set in
> /usr/lib/python2.7/site.py during interpreter bootstrap. If you are
> using a good database you can trust your data and and let the database
> connector (the encoding should be settable somewhere in the connector or
> Z SQL method conf, i don't remember since i don't use them anymore)
> convert the strings to unicodes for you.
> If you have something like MySQL you can't always trust that the data in
> the db is in the expected encoding because some of its table engine
> simply don't do any check on the input. If this is your case, it will be
> more problematic.
> In my experience, setting a default encoding in the config file didn't
> always fix the problem.
> As a last resort you can tweak the site.py, but really if there issues
> with data's encoding this doesn't mean you solved the problem. Likely
> the user will see wrong charachters where non-ascii ones are supposed to
> be.

Thanks Alberto!!! :D

Changing the enconding in the site.py file made the trick.

To some zope developer in the list, why is not taking the enconding from
the zope.conf file? Do I must open a ticket?

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