On 05/02/18 13:26, Michael Howitz wrote:
> Am 01.02.2018 um 21:19 schrieb Jesus Cea <j...@jcea.es>:
>> I installed creating a virtualenv and then, inside:
>>  $ bin/pip install Zope2==2.13.27
> The suggested way to install Zope 2 is:
> $ bin/pip install --no-binary zc.recipe.egg -r 
> https://zopefoundation.github.io/Zope/releases/2.13.27/requirements.txt
> Does the exception also happen if you install Zope 2.13.27 this way?

it works. Nice. Upgraded! :-).

Sorry for wasting your time.

The announcement email is quite short, 3 paragraphs. One of them is just

You can download it via PyPI: https://pypi.org/project/Zope2/2.13.27

Yes, I can download it, but I can not install it via PYPI as a regular
package. It doesn't work. In fact
<https://pypi.org/project/Zope2/2.13.27> shows "pip install
Zope2==2.13.27", that we have seen as wrong command to install.

I wonder why "requirements.txt" in pypi package doesn't pin dependencies
versions, as listed. Is that a PIP bug?.

The thing is:

1. Zope2 can not be installed as 99.9% other packages, just doing "pip

2. The announcement email points to a webpage showing a PROMINENT
install command that produce a non-working configuration.

A simple possibility is just to add paragraph in future announcement
emails just saying: "This package ca not be installed in the regular
way. Follow instructions in http://....";.

Thanks for the work you and all the team are doing. Much appreciated.
Looking forward Zope 4 and scared of how the migration will go :). Too
much legacy, grateful of Zope 2 maintenance :).

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