Greetings all,

With apologies for cross-posting, Martin suggested that I go ahead and email 
the plone core developers list about changes to zopeskel, as many interested 
parties would be there and not on the official zopeskel list.  

Following some trials and tribulations at the Plone Conference in Budapest, the 
changes from the ZopeSkel No-fun BBQ sprint are now merged to trunk.  I've 
incorporated the additional unit tests written at the sprint into the main test 
suite, so running ' test' now runs 35 tests, a mix of unit and 
doctests, and at least on my OS X Snow Leopard machine all are passing.  

Before a new release is cut, I'd love it if some windows and linux users would 
run the tests and verify that they pass there as well.  

Speaking of cutting a new release, I am not currently listed as a package owner 
for ZopeSkel.  I'd be happy to take responsibility for cutting the 2.15 release 
if someone who is currently an owner could add me.  My pypi id is 'cewing'.  

More to follow regarding a proposal from the BBQ sprinters regarding the future 
of ZopeSkel.

Thanks all, and thanks especially for your patience as we worked out getting 
this all worked out.


Cris Ewing
Webmaster, Lead Developer
Department of Radiology Web Services
University of Washington
School of Medicine
Work Phone: (206) 616-1288
Cell Phone: (206) 708-9083
Pager:      (206) 559-2306

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