I've been working, on and off, with fRiSi on a resolution to this issue:


I'm feeling like I need some backup from someone with a better understanding of 
i18n than I currently possess.  Is there anyone on list who'd like to look at 
that issue and fRiSi's and my comments and perhaps suggest a proper fix for the 
current issue?  

The problem I'm having is that the issue with CMFPlone fRiSi pointed to on the 
ticket seems to me to indicate that the portlet's title and description need to 
be in the 'plone' i18n namespace in order to have them appear in the 
@@manage_portlets view as translated.  However, our current solution puts them 
in the namespace of the newly created package.  This brings up some interesting 
problems.  Can we have more than one i18n namespace for a package?  Is having 
more than one a good idea?  If not, should all translations for the new package 
be in the plone namespace if there's a portlet present?  Am I just missing 
something obvious and over-thinking the whole problem?  I'd appreciate any 
advice someone with solid i18n experience might be able to provide.



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