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Announcing the release of ZopeSkel 2.16, uploaded this afternoon to pypi and 

In this release:
        * improved test coverage
        * fixes for a number of issues from the zopeskel tracker:
                * http://plone.org/products/zopeskel/issues/22
                * http://plone.org/products/zopeskel/issues/24
                * http://plone.org/products/zopeskel/issues/25
                * http://plone.org/products/zopeskel/issues/26
                * http://plone.org/products/zopeskel/issues/28
                * http://plone.org/products/zopeskel/issues/29
                * http://plone.org/products/zopeskel/issues/31
                * http://plone.org/products/zopeskel/issues/34
                * http://plone.org/products/zopeskel/issues/35
        * a new BoundedInt variable type allowing for integer validation 
          in a given range
        * a new 'Register Profile' question for the plone template, allowing 
          the user to specify if they wish to register a generic setup profile 
          for their new product.

Thanks to ajung, frisi and WouterVH for code fixes in this release.

As always, submit any issues to the ZopeSkel issue tracker at plone.org:


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