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Windows due to long filenames OR special chars**
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  Unable to install ZopeSkel on Windows due to long filenames OR special chars 

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**Response Details**::

    I'm not certain what to do about this.  I've attached the log file
    pointed to above (in case it disappears from view at some point).
    The file in question is copied from one place to another twice in
    the log file before it finally fails this final time.  Can we get
    confirmation from another windows user that the issue is a problem
    for them, too?

    It would be appreciated if someone who actually uses zopeskel on
    win32 could chime in and help figure out what the problem is here.
    The theory that it's the length of the pathname or the special
    characters seems plausible, but I'm not sure what we can do to
    alleviate the problem.  It's the nature of the beast here that we
    have to use special characters in filenames and because many of
    the file structures are deeply nested, there probably isn't much
    of a way to get around the length of the pathnames.

    Any ideas out there for solutions?

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