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  [patch, trivial] archetypes browser tests depend on login_portlet 

**Issue Details**::

    The boilerplate browser tests generated by

    # paster create -t archetype

    and by

    # paster addcontent contenttype

    use the login portlet on the home page to log in to the site.

    This is not a problem when performing stand-alone tests of the
    content type package.

    However, browser tests are integration tests, and when combining
    the content type package with, say, a theme package that hides the
    login portlet on the home page,

    then running a combined test

    # bin/instance test -s my.contenttype -s my.theme


        LookupError: name '__ac_name'

    The fix is simple: use the dedicated /login_form to log into the
    site. See attached diffs.

    I don't have a ZopeSkel development sandbox, don't know how to
    test such a "meta" package -- but have implemented and verified
    this fix in my own content type package.

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