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  plone3_theme creates no locales dir 

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    I see what you mean.  This is something that should be fixed in
    the test itself.

    At this point, the only template that creates a 'locales'
    directory by default is the plone3_theme template.  That's only
    because I haven't wanted to bring in local commands for that
    template.  The plone25_theme template has no call in zcml to
    registerTranslations, so it doesn't need a locales directory.  The
    plone and archetypes templates now only add the registerTemplate
    bit and the locales directory when the i18nlocale local command is

    I've fixed this now in trunk, so the tests should be passing
    again.  Given my comments here:


    I'd be surprised if those three tests _ever_ passed when running
    from an egg installation.  Guess that indicates one more thing I
    need to add to my pre-release testing plan.  :)

    thanks for the notice, Vincent


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