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  GPL only (http://plone.org/products/zopeskel/issues/30)

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    According to hannosch, the GPL is required for packages in the
    plone and plone.app namespace.  This is the reason that the plone,
    plone_app and kss templates all have the GPL hard-wired in place.
    Hanno states that the original intention of the plone template was
    for packages in the plone.* namespace (likewise, plone_app was for
    plone.app.* packages).

    This does not seem to be the way things are used now.  And since
    inheritance among packages means that this has now bled out into
    templates like archetypes it seems like a good option would be to
    place the GPL in the new package in the event that the plone
    namespace is invoked when the package is created.

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