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Issue Information

  Portlet Title should be translated for i18n:domain plone 

**Issue Details**::

    currently one needs to translate the portlet's title for the plone
    and my.package domain.

    plone is necessary to translate it in portlets.xml (so the name is
    translated in the "add portlet" dropdown of @@manage-portlets.

    the package's domain is necessary to make it translated in the
    list of existing portlets of @@manage-portlets

    as long as we need to translate it for the plone domain (maybe at
    some point in time this works with any domain,

    we can use it for the assignment title too:

    so replace

    return _(u"My Portlet")


    from Products.CMFPlone import PloneMessageFactory as __

    return __(u"My Portlet")

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