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--config does not use supplied 'package' template variable**
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  ZopeSkel-2.10 paster create --config does not use supplied 'package' template 
variable (http://plone.org/products/zopeskel/issues/12)

**Response Details**::

    "paster --version" reports "PasteScript 1.7.3" (Plone-3.3.5

    I'm seeing the same problem in a simpler case.

    r...@q src]# ../bin/paster create -t plone3_portlet delme

    Selected and implied templates:

      ZopeSkel#nested_namespace  A project with two nested namespaces.

      ZopeSkel#plone3_portlet    A Plone 3 portlet


      egg:      delme

      package:  crap

      project:  delme

    Enter namespace_package (Namespace package (like plone))

    Enter namespace_package2 (Nested namespace package (like app))

    Enter package (The package contained namespace package (like
    example)) ['example']:

    It seems like the 'example' text above should be the given 'crap'.

    Running the same command with the "--no-interactive" argument
    results in output that does use the 'crap' value.

    Since it was difficult to determine the ZopeUtil version in the
    Plone-3.3.5 buildout, I duplicated the tests with an
    easy_installed instance of ZopeSkel-2.16-py2.6.egg.

    It works the same except that an additional argument is required:
    expert_mode='all' --no-interactive

    I would say this is still an issue.  Hope this helps.

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