I'm at Cris Ewing's talk about ZopeSkel, and it's got me thinking
about making the following ZopeSkel templates, to make it easier for
people to get started with these tools:

1) zopeskel.hostout
Use Dylan Jay's (cc'ed) collective.hostout to prompt for info about
your cloud hosting provider and generate a hostout script that will
deploy your buildout to a remote server.
Utilizing the zopeskel.hostout template, I could envision making a
turnkey Plone factory service at demo.plone.org. It could be powered
by zopeskel.webui to provide a web-based form to create a buildout and
deploy it to a hosting provider of your choice. We can also use
Nettica's API to give people their own subdomain.
i.e. psu-taxidermy-club.demo.plone.org

2) zopeskel.deliverance
Buildout with Deliverance proxy with lxml and staticlxml recipe to
compile lxml against the libxml2/libxslt libraries, and a /static dir
with a sample rules.xml file and sample theme.

3) zopeskel.xdv
Buildout that would install collective.xdv and a sample theme and
sample rules.xml file.

4) zopeskel.hosting
Update the plone_hosting zopeskel template to provide a
production-ready buildout with Varnish, HAProxy, Zeo. The current
template is only for Plone 2.5, and we should update this for 3.x and

Any one want to help me with these ZopeSkel templates?    I'll be
sprinting this weekend at PSU.
Here's the info on the Weblion wiki:

If you're not at the conference, we can still include you in the
sprint virtually on IRC and Skype.



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