ZopeSkel version 2.17 is now available on pypi and plone.org.  Please update 
your local versions to get access to the latest goodness.

In this release we have:
  * added a Browser Layer subcommand for plone and archetypes template
  * improved version numbering for metadata.xml so you can increment versions 
the same way Plone does
  * added fixes for the 'locales' bug in plone3_theme and archetypes templates
  * improved generated doctests for archetypes packages
  * improved support for i18n translation work in Plone 4 buildouts
  * pinned PasteScript to a modern version to avoid problems with older 
versions of PasteScript.

Thanks to maurits, vincentfretin, marosfromero and all others I may have 
forgotten who contributed to this release.


Cris Ewing
Webmaster, Lead Developer
Department of Radiology Web Services
University of Washington
School of Medicine
Work Phone: (206) 616-1288
Cell Phone: (206) 708-9083
E-mail: cew...@u.washington.edu
Web: http://www.rad.washington.edu

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