Hey everyone,

I'm working together with Liz Leddy on the new ZopeSkel hosting
template, which you can currently find in this branch
and I have a few questions:

1) I want to make the template handle for Plone 3 and Plone 4, and I'm
trying to do these checks in the .tmpl file, like so:

parts =
#if $plone_major < 4
#end if

where $plone_major is an integer that is filled out on the web form
(as either 3 or 4).

it doesn't appear that these values are being evaluated, and it's
always choosing Plone 4.

should i be doing this check in the plone_hosting.py file, as in:

       if plone.startswith("4."):
           do something

2) Is it possible to do conditional display of questions? For example,
if they say they want to install Apache, then I need to ask them what
port they want to run it on on the next page, but if they choose not
to install Apache, then I don't want to show this question at all.

3) Can you hide an entire page depending on the answer to a previous
question? For example, if I ask them if they want to deploy the
buildout to a hosting provider, and they answer yes, then on the next
page I want to ask them all the hosting provider information. If they
answer no, then I don't want to show that page at all.



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