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  add stylesheet element parameters insert_before and insert_after to 
cssregistry.xml (http://plone.org/products/zopeskel/issues/51)

**Issue Details**::


    <!-- Stylesheets that will be registered with the portal_css tool
    are defined

          here. You can also specify values for existing resources if
    you need to

          modify some of their properties.

          Stylesheet elements accept these parameters:

          - 'id' (required): it must respect the name of the css or
    DTML file

            (case sensitive). '.dtml' suffixes must be ignored.

          - 'expression' (optional - default: ''): a tal condition.

          - 'media' (optional - default: ''): possible values:
    'screen', 'print',

            'projection', 'handheld'...

          - 'rel' (optional - default: 'stylesheet')

          - 'title' (optional - default: '')

          - 'rendering' (optional - default: 'import'): 'import',
    'link' or


          - 'enabled' (optional - default: True): boolean

          - 'cookable' (optional - default: True): boolean (aka
    'merging allowed')

          - 'insert_before', 'insert_after' (optional - default: '') a

          See registerStylesheet() arguments in

          ResourceRegistries/tools/CSSRegistry.py for the latest list
    of all

          available keys and default values.


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