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--config does not use supplied 'package' template variable**
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  ZopeSkel-2.10 paster create --config does not use supplied 'package' template 
variable (http://plone.org/products/zopeskel/issues/12)

- Issue state: Unconfirmed -> Rejected
- Responsible manager: (UNASSIGNED) -> cewing

**Response Details**::

    Okay, I just ran exactly the example provided by the original post
    using zopeskel 2.17.  I was not able to replicate the problem.  I
    get the proper package structure:




    the second example above, posted by Robert points to a problem
    with using the naked paster command instead of the now-included
    bin/zopeskel script.  Here's what is going on there:

    As the description mentions, the plone3_portlet template expects a
    'nested namespace', which means a package with two nested
    namespaces inside, like 'plone.portlet.foo'.  Instead, the
    supplied name at the command line is 'delme', which has _no_ dots
    at all.  Paster is not capable of checking to ensure that you've
    provided logical and usable values for the package name.  The user
    here has not.  The zopeskel script (added in v2.15) has validation
    built-in for this type of user error.

    Since the first example is not reproducible, and the second
    example is based on erroneous usage, I'm going to close this
    ticket as won't fix.  I believe that the zopeskel script has fixed
    all these errors and current tests demonstrate that this is in
    fact the case.

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