Greetings, all.

Today we release ZopeSkel 2.18, a bugfix release to the venerable code 
generation tool for Zope and Plone.

In this release:

• fix for, bin/zopeskel --version 
now reports current version number
• fix for, profile directory now 
properly created
• fix for, portlet titles now 
correctly internationalized in plone domain.
• we now use plone 3.3.5 as the default plone version for plone3_buildout

Thanks to maurits, fRiSi and lucmult for fixes incorporated in this release.  


Cris Ewing
Webmaster, Lead Developer
Department of Radiology Web Services
University of Washington
School of Medicine
Work Phone: (206) 616-1288
Cell Phone: (206) 708-9083

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