Greetings all,

I have taken the first steps towards a refactoring of ZopeSkel from a 
monolithic package into a federated series of namespace packages.  For 
information on the reasoning behind this move, and the goals of the move, 
please refer to the SPLITTING_PROPOSAL document in the trunk of ZopeSkel:

To make the pursuit of this project a bit easier, I've set up a development 
buildout designed to ease the process and keep anyone who wants to participate 
on the same page.  The buildout is also located in the ZopeSkel repository here:

The basic idea is that as we break off pieces of ZopeSkel from the current  
main package, we will replace them with the new packages we create, add a line 
for each package in the 'install_requires' part of the file and then 
import the entirety of the new package into the top-level of the 
ZopeSkel egg.  When we are finished, we should have a completely empty egg 
where ZopeSkel used to be, as well as a set of new packages which can be 
installed individually or in clumps to provide the functionality that a 
developer requires for a given project.

To this point I have created a new branch of ZopeSkel 
and one new, empty package 'zopeskel.core'.  I've got the for it 
written so one can install it as an egg, and I've moved the 'install_requires' 
for Paste and PasteDeploy' into that package.

The buildout uses mr.developer so we will be able to check out new packages as 
they are created easily and with the minimum of hassle.  

Forward to the future!!!


Cris Ewing
Webmaster, Lead Developer
Department of Radiology Web Services
University of Washington
School of Medicine
Work Phone: (206) 616-1288
Cell Phone: (206) 708-9083

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